Review up over at UK-A for the latest Kore-eda  to fetch up on out shores. Well, actually, I reviewed this at the LFF in 2011 as well but I like to think I’ve come on as a writer since then (maybe not though, oh well, I still have a ways to go). If this is playing anywhere near you I very much urge you to go and see it even if just to show there is still an audience out there for seeing Asian films in the cinema. It’s a great movie though!


  1. This is going to be screened at a local cinema… I say local, it’s still a bit of a trek to get there but I’m a fan of Koreeda’s films. I just ordered the Koreeda Collection.

      1. I prefer After Life but Still Walking had the Ozu effect on me – I was emotional at the end an felt like I saw reality on screen! Nobody Knows was a real heart breaker. I have not seen Air Doll.

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