Total Films
  1. Hill of Freedom
  2. Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
  3. Black Coal Thin Ice
  4. Bjork Biophilia Live
  5. Tokyo Tribe
  6. Shrew’s Nest
  7. Still the Water
  8. Giovanni’s Island
  9. The Drop
  10. The New Girlfriend
  11. Dearest
  12. Rosewater
  13. John Stewart Debate Event
  14. War Book
  15. The Wonders
  16. A Girl Walks Home Alone, at Night
  17. Black Souls
  18. The Goddess
  19. A Girl at My Door
  20. No Man’s Land
  21. Betibú
  22. Dragon Inn
  23. Jauja
  24. Leviathan
  25. Furthest End Awaits
  26. Shadow Days
  27. White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom
  28. Winter Sleep
  29. Satellite Girl and Milk Cow
  30. Three Hearts
  31. Mommy
Booked but Missed
  1. Pasolini
  2. Exit
  3. White Bird in a Blizzard
Wanted to see but couldn’t (off the top of my head, probably I’ve forgotten most of them)
  1. Duke of Burgundy
  2. The Dinner
  3. pretty much everything else
Top Picks (the ones I liked most, not necessarily the ‘best’ films, also a bit arbitrary )
  1. A Girl Walks Home Alone, At Night
  2. The New Girl Friend
  3. Mommy
  4. Black Coal Thin Ice
  5. The Furthest End Awaits

So, the London film festival is over for another year. Blow for blow I think I feel less ‘wowed’ by this year than others even though most of the films I saw were more than good and I only saw two that I didn’t like so much, hmm – well maybe three.  My selections were a bit random though – started with the ones I most wanted to see and worked around those meaning I missed some of the most popular titles like Hard to be a God, Goodbye to Language, The Tribe etc. I really wanted to see Duke of Burgundy but that’ll get a release soon enough, bit disappointed I had to miss Exit but it was for a good reason. Would have liked to have seen more of the archive stuff – had an idea I didn’t really like Altman but I was kind of blown away by Jimmy Dean. Oddly I saw most of the competition films and agree with the winner, Leviathan – a true masterpiece. I guess that’s it ’til next year – I wonder what that will bring?


  1. That is a lot of films. Hats off to you! The only one I’m really upset about missing is Time is Illmatic since I love the album.

    The Furthest End Awaits was enjoyable. Alas, it’s at the back of a very large review list.

    1. I have to admit, I’d never heard of that album. I think I was probably mostly listening to ’80s stuff in 1994 (I was retro before it was cool!) or maybe Smashing Pumpkins – though that might have been later, lots of Rage Against the Machine too but that was probably a couple of years later as far as I remember. That’s metal rap, I guess? About as hip hop as I ever got ☺️
      (Just a bit of random musical nostalgia there)

      1. Nostalgia!

        I started off with rock and then I used to listen to a lot of Hip Hop and J-pop/electro and anime soundtracks like Patlabor during high school. I drifted over to more indie Hip Hop like MF Doom:

        and Warcloud

        Then back to rock music (especially from Japan), video game soundtracks, and J-pop and 80s stuff.

        Illmatic is one of the best Hip Hop albums out there. I can quote entire tracks.

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