2015_banner_datesI just wrote this up for UK Anime Network but seeing as no one clicks on these links and actual paying work was thin today ( 😦 ) I’m going to put them here too in a bit more detail.

Most of these films are making their UK Premieres and there are some pretty high profile films from Japan that probably aren’t going to fetch up anywhere else plus a few from China, one confirmed big name guest and….nothing at all from Korea (sorry Korean cinema fans – better luck next time). I’ll just outline the Japanese ones for now though. OK, here we go:

100 Yen Love (Hyaku-en no Koi /  百円の恋)

Sakura Ando plays a slacker who ends up fighting her way out of her lacklustre life with a new found taste for boxing! The female Rocky? Maybe, who knows. What a reductive comment – sorry about that. Also starring Hirofumi Arai this one of the festival’s most promising titles.

La La La At Rock Bottom (Misono Universe, 味園ユニバース)

This one looks like a riot – latest movie from Nobuhiro Yamashita (Linda, Linda, Linda, My Back Page, Drudgery Train – pretty much all the most amazing movies ever). Guy comes out of prison, gets conked on the head and ends up becoming a rock star – could happen to anyone right? Stars real life rocker Shibutani Subaru and one of today’s best young actresses, Fumi Nikaido. Can’t wait to see this!

Kyoto Elegy (Manga Niku to Boku マンガ肉と僕)

Don’t know so much about this one but it’s the directorial debut of Korean-Japanese producer and actress Kiki Sugino (Au revoire l’été) and it’s based on a novel by Shiki Asaka. Apparently it’s a new take on “women’s cinema” centring on a lawyer and his interactions with three different women. There’s a favourable Telegraph review by Robbie Collin from the Tokyo Film Festival here.

Makeup Room

This is getting a release from Third Window Films so expect to see it turning up in various places and, of course, an eventual UK DVD release. I guess “Makeup Room” room is the new English language title but you might have seen it as “Make Room” which is just a rendering of the Japanese title. It’s a comedy set in the makeup room of a porno shoot (because, of course!).

Our Family (Bokutachi no Kazoku ぼくたちの家族)

Latest movie from Yuya Ishii, director of Japan’s oscar entry The Great Passage and some fun indie comedies – Sawako Decides, Mitsuko Delivers, A Man With Style. This one stars Satoshi Tsumabuki and looks like it’s heading back in a family drama direction as a family becomes scattered when the mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

and of course….PARASYTE PART 1!!

Playing as the “midnight movie”, well, 23.30. And it’s only part one (and I heard it’s not that good but, oh well). This adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga stars Shota Sometani as a mild mannered teenage boy who suddenly finds his right hand has been invaded by an alien parasite. Also stars Eri Fukatsu, Sadao Abe, Ai Hashimoto, Masahiro Higashide, Nao Omori, Hirofumi Arai, Kimiko Yo and Tadanobu Asano!

(Parasyte Part 1 is screening courtesy of Animatsu Entertainment who have also licensed the anime adaptation and will presumably be releasing this on home formats at some point in the future. However, they ONLY make mention of Part 1 and this is really one movie split into two parts so we’ll see how that goes.)

Anyway, all the links are live now on the Edinburgh Film House Website and if you happen to be a member you can book right now! Otherwise you have to wait until Friday. Sucks to be you (and me, because these are all very far away and inconveniently scheduled. *Le Sigh*).

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