ACA Cinema Project will be returning to New York’s IFC Center from Feb. 10 – 16 with New Films From Japan, a five-film series featuring some of this year’s most highly acclaimed festival hits including Kei Ishikawa’s A Man which recently dominated the nominations for this year’s Japan Academy Film Prize.

A Man

The latest film from Kei Ishikawa (Gukoroku: Traces of Sin, Arc), A Man stars Satoshi Tsumabuki as a lawyer who is pulled into a web of intrigue when a former client asks him to investigate her late husband who had been living under an assumed identity.

Small, Slow But Steady

A young deaf woman and aspiring boxer is beginning to lose the will to fight in Sho Miyake’s empathetic character study touching on attitudes to disability in the contemporary society. Review.

The Zen Diary

Inspired by the 1978 non-fiction book by Tsutomu Mizukami, The Zen Diary follows a mountain hermit (Kanji Sawada) living an ascetic life growing his own veg and foraging for mushrooms while continuing his writing career. His peaceful days are sometimes interrupted by the arrival of his editor (Takako Matsu) who turns up to collect his manuscripts and enjoy a good meal.

Thousand and One Nights

Drama following two women whose husbands a have each disappeared. No one has heard from Tomiko’s (Yuko Tanaka) husband in over 30 years, but she deflects the romantic interests of local fisherman Haruo continuing to wait for his return. Meanwhile, she meets a younger woman, Nami (Machiko Ono), whose husband went missing two years previously only for Tomiko to spot him in the street…


Director Juichiro Yamasaki will be in attendance for a Q&A

The lives of those living in a small mountain town in western Japan gradually intersect from a former Olympic Korean equestrian now working at a quarry to a young woman who begins holding silent protests at a crossroads much to the consternation of her widowed policeman father.

New Films From Japan runs at New York’s IFC Center Feb. 10 – 16. Tickets priced $17 adults, $14 seniors/children, and $13 students are on sale now via the official website. You can also keep up with all the latest news by following ACA Cinema Project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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