This year’s Odyssey: A Chinese Cinema Season will be hosting a four-film Stephen Chow retrospective at London’s Prince Charles Cinema on Thursdays throughout June.

Forbidden City Cop

Period spy/wuxia spoof starring Chow as an imperial agent with a knack for zany inventions which comes in handy when he attends a conference which turns out to be a trap to kill all the doctors who serve the emperor.

Sixty Million Dollar Man

Chow stars in a Wong Jing & Raymond Yip Wai-Man comedy in which a rich and arrogant playboy is brought back to life by a mad scientist after being blown up by the yakuza who now want to kill him again.

Kung Fu Hustle

2004 comedy starring Chow as a petty thief in 40s Shanghai who desperately wants to join the Axe gang which currently dominates the city except for the small enclave of the slums in Pigsty Alley.

The Mermaid

2016 eco comedy starring Deng Chao as a heartless capitalist intent on bulldozing an area of outstanding natural beauty and Jelly Lin as a undercover mermaid sent to assassinate him only to fall in love instead. Review.

Stephen Chow in Focus screens at the Prince Charles Cinema, London, on Thursdays in June as part of Odyssey: A Chinese Cinema Season which runs 26th May to 30th June online and in-person. The full programme will be announced in due course and you can keep up with all the latest news by following the festival on Instagram and Twitter.

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