Ladies and Gentlemen, take a moment to prepare yourselves for I am about to tell you the best news you will ever hear. What’s that you say, they’ve finally finished The Grandmasters? No, unfortunately not but an even more exciting development has come to pass. Third Window announced via Twitch today that they will be releasing …..*drumroll please*…. AI TO MAKOTO on Blu Ray and DVD on 29th of April 2013. As you might remember I, and a few others of us here, were greatly impressed when this was screened at the LFF and it’s safe to say this is indeed very welcome, if totally unexpected, news!

If that wasn’t enough they’ll also be following up their recent Tetsuo release with another Tsukamoto double bill of Bullet Ballet and Tokyo Fist. Bullet Ballet is probably my favourite Tsukamoto film and I can’t wait to see it in HD!

They’ll also be releasing their ‘film of the year’ The Story of Yonosuke and the upcoming See you Tomorrow alongside the already announced Woodsman in the Rain, Vulgaria and the long over due Eyes of the Spider/Serpents Path from Kiyoshi Kurosawa! All in all these are a fantastic set of upcoming releases and Third Window continues to go from strength to strength!


  1. I a about to explode from the excitement. I was already hyped about the Kurosawa double-bill but the news that Ai to Makoto and Vulgaria are making me even more dizzy! That’s a fantastic line-up of films!!!

    1. I know! I couldn’t believe it when I read Twitch’s article, especially as people had repeatedly asked them about Miike and gotten a very flat ‘No’ and then they’d said they hadn’t particularly liked Ai to Makoto at festivals – I’m so glad someone is giving it a proper release over here! Third Window is such a great distributor 😀

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