Django Unchained

Mixed thoughts – it is a little long and has a few other problems here and there but I enjoyed it a lot.

Piano 17

Not as good as I’d been led to believe but an OK crime caper with TV production values. The subtitles were pretty awful but it encouraged me to turn them off for better Italian practice 🙂


Would have liked this a lot more if it hadn’t been for the ever present John Williams score. Excellent script, excellent performances and excellent filmmaking but somehow it falls on the slightly trite side for me.

The Blue Angel

Der Blaue Engel

Eureka’s new Blu Ray edition of the first collaboration between Von Sternberg and Dietrich. I’ve only watched the German version so far but this is an excellent transfer and of course the film is essential viewing. Tony Rayns’ commentary track is worth the price of admission alone!

Once Upon a Honeymoon

Being a lover of screwball comedies and not having heard of this one I dutifully went down to the BFI during their screwball comedy season to give this a go. There was a reason I’d never heard of it – IT IS AWFUL. At one point the leads get sent to a concentration camp by mistake which is every bit as funny as it sounds. Accidentally offensive, totally not funny and with the least interesting romance ever committed to celluloid I feel it is my duty to strongly recommend you DO NOT EVER WATCH THIS FILM!


Watch Bringing Up Baby instead. It’s the funniest film ever made – that’s how you make a screwball comedy!


Another choice offering from Mubi, BFI’s recent restoration of the 1929 silent film. The credits included those for the new score but there was no sound at all when I streamed it so I watched totally silent. Excellent cinematography and an almost proto-noir atmosphere make this a very interesting late silent feature.



Weird film about a woman who gives birth to the clone of her recently deceased boyfriend and then continues to feel conflicted about it forever. Weird, just weird. Doesn’t really engage with any of the issues you might expect it to raise so obsessed is it with its own weirdness! It’s quite forgettable as a consequence.

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