1. Great review.

    Overall, fantastic performances that kept me rooted to the screen even if I felt that 20 minutes could have been shaved off. It’s a fascinating film and seeing the characters spin around between each other and pull different personas was amusing at times but it does wear thin towards the end. Every time the intertitles flashed up with the time and the music played, I kept expecting the film to end. Point made, these are horrible people with no direction in life.

    That written, it was satisfying seeing Koji get his comeuppance. What a horrible, horrible person.

    1. The Salary Man is my favourite character in the entire thing. He’d normally be the boring safe choice everyone is trying to get away from but I thought he was amazing and *spoiler* should definitely stick with him in his probably quite nice Tokyo apartment and have a wonderful 50+ years with him. I loved how he calmly and maturely broke down Koji’s entire life style and essentially bamboozled him out of his *spoiler* using only the powers of logic and decency. Unnamed Salary Man might be my favourite character ever!

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