1. I pretty much agree with your review. It’s an OTT comedy with fantastic performances and broad comedy that should appeal to a wide audience. The gags about westerner’s expectations of Japanese were funny and the western actors hired were pretty good.

    I didn’t have much of a problem with the depiction of the gay characters. Perhaps I’m more tolerant to it because it’s pretty common in Japanese media but ultimately I thought it that while it was cliched and a bit silly it was good-natured. The film has its heart in the right place and it entertained me – I was laughing a lot and pretty hard, too. It was a great way to finish the weekend!

    1. I think it gets a pass because it’s definitely not malicious, but just being prevalent doesn’t make it OK. I look forward to the day merely being gay is not treated either as a joke in itself or as a great social evil but merely as a piece of irrelevant information. Although, I am waiting for someone to ask me why I don’t like that piece of stereotyping but I’m OK with everything else lol

      1. Why don’t you like that piece of stereotyping but happen to be OK with everything else??? The people want to know!

        I thought it was a gag that was sustained pretty well and most of the other characters were made to look almost as foolish for various reasons.

        I agree with you about awaiting the day that gender, race and sexual orientation stop being a big thing, not least because I want to visit anime and videogame forums and not see dumb comments about gender/race/sex. I just want to play my games full of cute characters >_<

        Now that I think about it, there are more than a few Japanese films with sophisticated gay characters. That would be an interesting article to write.

      2. Um…because of…all the…reasons…and stuff… *shifty eyes*

        The Assassin’s Creed thing is sort of funny because their excuse is so rubbish. *sigh*

        There are quite a few, though less so in mainstream films – it would make a very interesting article 🙂

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