over the fence still 1Japan Cuts returns for 2017 with even more of the best in recent Japanese cinema. Ahead of the full programme reveal the festival has announced a few early teasers for what promises to be another year of fantastic films from Japan.

over the fence stillFan favourite director Nobuhiro Yamashita will once again feature in the festival with his installment in the trilogy of movies inspired by author Yasushi Sato, Over the Fence. One of Yamashita’s more melancholy efforts, Over the Fence stars Joe Odagiri as a recently divorced man trying but failing to start over in his home town. Meeting a cabaret girl with the improbably manly name of Satoshi (Yu Aoi) he finally begins to move forward but Satoshi has a few problems of her own. Joe Odagiri will also be attending the festival collect his CUT Above Award for Outstanding Performance in Film!

Anti-porno stillAnother festival favourite Sion Sono returns with his contribution to the Roman Porno Reboot Project, Anti-Porno.

daguerrotype stillKiyoshi Kurosawa’s first international production, Daguerrotype, also makes its way into the festival. Taking the director back to his psychological horror roots, this gothic European ghost story stars one of France’s best young actors, Tahar Rahim, as a photographer’s assistant caught up in both odinary and supernatural conspiracies.

434_scr_5The one you’ve all been waiting for – Neko Atsume House! An adaptation of the popular smartphone game, Masatoshi Kurakata’s film stars Atsushi Ito as a novelist with writer’s block who moves house to stimulate himself only to be overrun with cute cats instead.

RESISTANCE AT TULE LAKE stillThe only documentary announced so far, Konrad Aderer’s Resistance at Tule Lake examines the case of 12,000 Japanese-Americans labeled “disloyal” for attempting to resist the government’s internment order.

Japan Cuts 2017 takes place in New York between July 13 – 23 and you can keep up with all the latest developments via the official website, Twitter account, and Facebook page.

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