emperor in August stillNippon Connection returns for 2017 in just under a week’s time and to whet your appetite for all the amazing films about to shown in Frankfurt from May 23 – 28, the festival has re-launched its very own blog. The best way to keep up with Nippon Connection 2017 as it happens, the blog will be updated throughout the festival with diary entries, reviews, essays, and interviews so it’s the next best thing to actually being there! The very first entry is dedicated to the recipient of the 2017 Nippon Honour Award, Koji Yakusho, whose The Emperor in August and Tampopo will both be screened during the festival.

Nippon Connection 2017 takes place in Frankfurt from May 23 – 28, 2017.  Ahead of the opening on Tuesday, you can check out our previews of the Nippon Cinema and Nippon Visions strands as well as previews for the animation on offer and the Roman Porno retrospective (which includes a lecture with film scholar Jasper Sharp) arriving later in the week.

Be sure to follow the blog for all the latest during the event, and you can also keep up with the festival via the official website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

2017 Festival trailer

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