our time will comePoland’s Five Flavours Film Festival returns for the 11th year from 15th to 22nd November bringing with it more of the best in recent Asian cinema plus retrospectives and classic screenings. This year’s festival will open with Ann Hui’s latest epic of Hong Kong history, Our Time Will Come and Hui will also be honoured with a retrospective featuring seven more films from throughout her Career.

Portrait: Ann Hui

our time will come bannerA giant of Hong Kong cinema, Hui began her time in the director’s chair in the late ’70s following a two year stint at the London Film School. Throughout her long and varied career which has featured both commercial and more personal cinema, Hui’s work is noted for its probing social commentary and political fearlessness.

  • Our Time Will Come – Opening the festival, Hui’s latest work once again returns to the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and to the resistance fighters who risked all to free their homeland. Review.
  • The Secret – A murder mystery, Hui’s cinematic debut is inspired by a real life crime which leads its detective into an investigation of Hong Kong at a cross-roads of tradition and modernity.
  • Boat People – Hui’s best known work is also among her most political in examining post-war Vietnam through the eyes of a Japanese photographer.
  • Summer Snow – A humorous examination of Hong Kong’s ageing society and the developing social problems accompanying it.
  • The Way We Are – a portrait of those struggling to get by in Hong Kong’s impoverished Tin Shiu Wai.
  • A Simple Life – Deanie Ip’s elderly nanny/housekeeper suffers a stroke and is looked after by her employer (Andy Lau) in a moving examination of modern family ties.

Focus: Bhutan

golden cousin still.jpgShining a light on a new, under appreciated film culture, Five Flavours presents a series of new films from Bhutan.

  • Golden Cousin – two cousins growing up in a small village are destined for marriage but when one travels to the city for university he comes to understand the dangers of such close familial relationships.
  • Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait – every 12 years people meet in the mountains to take part in a religious cleansing ritual…
  • Honeygiver Among the Dogs – A policeman investigating the disappearance of a prioress is directed to a solitary newcomer whom the villagers believe to be demonically possessed…
  • In a Defiled World – Two men fall for the same girl in this modern city story.
  • Norbu, My Beloved Yak – A guru and his daughter move into a village where the girl makes friends with a local boy whose best friend is a yak!
  • Prophecy – a young girl studying in the city returns home to care for her sickly mother only to discover her return may not have been as unexpected as she assumed…
  • The Next Guardian – an ordinary family is tested by changing times.
  • Travellers and Magicians – Dondup wants to go to America but he has to travel the Himalayas to get there..
  • Short films from Bhutan – collection of five short films.



  • Bangkok Nites – Katsuya Tomita’s Saudade followup picks up on latent themes in the first film for another look at the destructive effects of colonialism ancient and modern. Review.
  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle – a timid school teacher is sent on a strange odyssey of self discovery in Shunji Iwai’s long awaited return to feature filmmaking. Review.
  • Close-Knit – a neglected child goes to live with her uncle and his transgender girlfriend in Ogigami’s heartfelt drama. Review.
  • Yamato California – Daisuke Miura’s drama examines Japanese/American relations through the story of a hip hop obsessed teen played by Hanae Kan. review.
  • Vampire Hotel – feature length cut-down of Sion Sono’s nine hour vampire themed TV drama.
  • Tokyo Drifter – Seijun Suzuki’s surreal gangster drama.

Roman Porno Reboot

dawn of the felines stillAs cinema receipts dwindled in the early 1970s, Japanese studios considered the best way to stay afloat. Nikkatsu, whose output had largely skewed towards youth drama, decided to reboot itself wholesale and embark on production of levelled up “pink film” only with better production values. 40 years later, Nikkatsu’s “Roman Porno” line has been resurrected with four films directed by four of today’s most interesting directors. Five Flavours presents two of the four reboot movies paired with an original from the 1970s.

  • Dawn of the Felines – Kazuya Shirashi’s somber reworking of Night of the Felines centres around three women working in Tokyo’s red light district. Review.
  • Night of the Felines – the original sex comedy from Roman Porno master Noboru Tanaka.
  • Wet Woman in the Wind – a blocked writer moves to the country for a spot of peaceful contemplation only to be confronted with the persistent attentions of a nymphomaniac waitress in Akihiko Shiota’s take on the Roman Porno genre.
  • Lovers are Wet – an impulsive rebel returns home in Tatsumi Kumashiro’s 1976 classic.




soulmate still 1

  • Crosscurrent – Poetic Chinese odyssey shot by Mark Lee Ping-bing. Review.
  • Free and Easy – an unidentified body is discovered in a moribund Chinese town…
  • Soul Mate – tragic story of female friendship lost and found. Review.

Hong Kong

mad world still 1

  • Mad World – an estranged father and son are brought back together when the son is released from a mental institution after treatment for bipolar disorder.
  • Made in Hong Kong – Fruit Chan’s classic 1997 tale of alienated youth in its new 4K restoration.


Godspeed still

  • Godspeed – a down on his luck petty gangster gets in the wrong taxi in this absurd black comedy.


the promise still 1

  • The Promise – two wealthy girls decide on a drastic solution to Thailand’s 1997 financial crisis…


Dark is the Night

  • Dark is the Night – An ordinary couple in Duterte’s Philippines take to drug trafficking to make ends meet with tragic consequences.


marlina the murderer in four acts still one


Mrs. K still 1

  • Mrs. K – Kara Hui plays a former assassin whose past comes back to haunt her.


kfc still 1

  • KFC – arthouse leaning cannibal drama.

Five Flavours takes place in Warsaw from 15th to 22nd November 2017. More information on all the films as well as screening times and ticketing links can be found on the official website, and you can keep up to date with all the latest news via the festival’s Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Instagram, and YouTube Channels.

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