there is no lid on the sea stillJapan Foundation London is back with another early summer series of free film screenings and this time the focus is very much on food! Summer Explorers 3 takes place over two Saturdays – 15th and 22nd July, 2017, at the Prince Charles Cinema and BAFTA respectively. Tickets are free but you can only reserve seats at one film on each day (if you apply for more than one film you’ll be placed on the waiting list for your second choice). Full details on how to apply can be found on the Japan Foundation’s website.

The lineup for Saturday 15th includes:

KAKI_B5_SHIRO_CS5Kazuhiro Soda’s documentary The Oyster Factory which examines a local oyster fishing community as it welcomes two workers from China.

Akanezora - Beyond the Crimson Sky posterCo-written by Masahiro Shinoda, Masaki Hamamoto’s Akanezora – Beyond the Crimson Sky stars Masaaki Uchino as a tofu maker who travels from Kyoto to Edo, sets up a shop and marries a local girl.

Moving on to 22nd:

silver spoonInspired by Hiromu Arakawa’s popular manga, Silver Spoon is the story of city boy Yugo who enrols in an agricultural college in Hokkaido to get away from his overbearing parents.

There is no lid on the sea poster

Adapted from the novel by Banana Yoshimoto, There is no Lid on the Sea follows a young woman who decides to return to her hometown to sell shaved ice after growing bored with her life in Tokyo.

Drop of the Grapevine posterYukiko Mishima’s Drop of the Grapevine is the second in the director’s Hokkaido series and stars Yo Oizumi and Shota Sometani as two farming brothers one of whom operates a vineyard while the other grows wheat to make bread.

The screenings on 15th July take place at The Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square while those on 22nd July take place at BATFA on Piccadilly. At BAFTA on 22nd there will also be a selection of food themed language activities taking place between the films. You can find full details for all the films as well as screening times and information regarding reservations via the official website, and you can all keep up with the all the latest Japan Foundation London news via the official Twitter account and Facebook page.


    1. Yeah, I’ve heard it’s not that great compared the the anime. I haven’t watched that much anime lately but I really loved Silver Spoon!

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