The Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh returns to cinemas for its third edition bringing a selection of shorts and features to the city from 15th to 20th October. This year’s edition will feature a strand dedicated to actor Chen Yi-wen including his co-directorial feature The Cabbie.

Shorts: Being Alone Together

Doc Replay: Portraits

  • When The Dawn Comes | Zhang Hong-jie | 2021 | 60 mins – documentary focussing on the life of LGBTQ+ rights activist Chi Chia-wei in the run-up to the vote on marriage equality.
  • The Catch | Hsu Che-chia | 2021 | 54 mins – documentary focussing on indigenous fishermen who travel to Taiwan’s Lanyang River every November to catch the season’s first eel.

Chen Yi–Wen Retrospective

  • The Man From Island West | Huang Ming-chuan | 1991 | 90 mins – drama focussing on an indigenous man who journeys back to his origins while the son of the man who saved his life struggles to fit into mainstream society.
  • Growing Pains | Lin Po-yu | 2020 | 25 mins – short in which a father’s decision to buy his son new shoes leads to a series of tragic events.
  • Increasing Echo | Chienn Hsiang | 2021 | 85 mins – marriage is a curse from which there is no cure in Chienn Hsiang’s horror-inflected pandemic-era social drama. Review.
  • Treat or Trick | Hsu Fu-hsiang | 2021 | 106 mins – a corrupt policeman finds himself in weird mountain village in search of his missing friend and a bag of stolen diamonds in Hsu Fu-hsiang’s farcical crime caper. Review.
  • The Cabbie | Chen Yi-wen, Chang Hwa-kun | 2000 | 94 mins – romantic comedy in which a lovestruck taxi driver attempts to woo a grumpy policewoman (Rie Miyazawa) by getting as many parking tickets as possible.

Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh takes place in-person 15th to 20th October, 2022 at Summerhall and Everyman Edinburgh. Full details are available via the official website and you can also keep up with all the latest details by following the festival on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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