Thor, the major motion picture, is of course based on the Marvel comic series, itself inspired by Norse mythology with more than a little good humour thrown in.  There has been, so we learn, twenty or so years previously a terrible war between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants, which has resulted in a long held truce but evidently also resulted in distrust and mutual fear. Back to the contemporary action, we fast forward to THE MIGHTY THOR’s day of celebration which is mysteriously interrupted by a Frost Giant incursion, designed to take back their source of power which the Asgardians are holding as a part of the truce. Outraged by this personal affront and public embarrassment, discouraged by his father and egged on by his mischievous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor sets out with his trusty band of friends to wreak his revenge on the Frost Giants. Unaware of what a spectacularly stupid idea this is, Thor is reprimanded by his wiser father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and finally cast down to Earth for his arrogance and vanity. Chaos ensues. The film is enjoyable enough with a number of interesting aspects: family drama, sibling rivalry, old secrets etc; but strangely this doesn’t seem to make the film anymore engaging and the character drama never really grips. It’s quite difficult to really care about any of the characters except perhaps Loki whose back story is given tremendous weight through the fantastic performance of Tom Hiddleston. This leads me onto another problem with the film which is that I constantly felt as if I were watching the set up for another movie (which of course in a lot of ways I was), I kept recognising well known actors in tiny parts and thinking ‘oh he/she is probably important in another of these movies’ which will probably be very nice when they’re all done but was a bit distracting here. somehow, aside from the fairly standard origins nature of the plot, a lot of the action felt inconsequential and just prologue for the next one. Most of the action sequences are very well done and entertaining, most of the CGI is very good (notice I’m saying ‘most’), the design of Asgard seems to owe a lot to OZ but the production design seems very well thought out and well realised. A word on the 3D though, it’s really not worth it. This film does not need to be in 3D, the 2D version of the film very likely looks vastly superior, the 3D adds nothing at all here. Ultimately the film is alright, if a bit bland and finally a bit flat, you’ll enjoy it while you’re there but then probably forget you’ve even seen it afterwards.

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