Well hello there, welcome to my probably sporadic and essentially experimental film blog! The idea of this really is just that I watch too many films so I thought I thought I’d write about them mostly as a way of getting my own thoughts in order, possibly aided by the kindness of strangers. I should point out I’m just someone that’s seen a lot of movies, I’ve never taken any film courses and as you’ll see I’m clearly not an expert and have almost no knowledge of the proper technical terminology, so please be kind future trolls for I seek only to learn. Also, in the interests of full disclosure I ought to say that if I review a DVD/Blu ray etc it will be something I have purchased myself, if I should happen to receive something in any other way I will of course say so! Obviously this blog is just a hobby and I’m harbouring no pretensions that I’ve magically become a official critic or anything like that, but I hope some people may come to find my humble ramblings interesting, or even in time diverting.

Until that day, enjoy the trailer for this hilarious film from 1938

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