The Grandmasters – Full length trailer!


Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is a miraculous day for it seems Wong Kar Wai may actually have  finished a film. Wong has been working on The Grandmasters for some years during in which time we’ve had two films starring Donnie Yen among others to have dealt with the life of Ip Man – the man who taught Bruce Lee. Numerous problems and delays have seen the production of this film constantly in flux with release dates slipping over a period of years yet the film now seems to have a fairly solid date for its Chinese release – 18th December 2012. Assuming all goes well (and the film really, actually is finished) Chinese viewers at least will finally get to see Wong Kar Wai’s latest collaboration with frequent leading actor Tony Leung. Of course even if this date is kept to there’s no predicting when we will finally be able to see this in the West (well, the Anglophone world) but happily it is a matter of when rather than if Wong’s version of this now familiar tale will finally hit our shores. The trailer at least looks spectacular so if that’s anything to go on The Grandmasters could be something very special indeed.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Official Greenband trailer

After all the excitement following the leak of a cam captured Red Band trailer over the weekend, an official Green band trailer has been released! Pretty much the same as the red band but without the more extreme elements the film looks fantastic, we can only hope the film lives up to this fantastic promo. As a card carrying member of the Lisbeth Salander fanclub (yes I’ve read all the books and seen the Swedish movies, and no I don’t view this as remake because it’s an entirely new script taken directly from the first book) I can’t wait to see this and I hope it’s as good I think it will be because I already want to see the next two!

The Skin I Live In – Teaser trailer

Fans of the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar have been eagerly awaiting his next film, The Skin I Live In, and if this trailer is anything to by it seems as if our expectations will not be disappointed! Marking the first reunion with Antonio Banderas since Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! in 1990 (having previously worked together in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Labyrinth of Passion, Matador, and Law of Desire), the film concerns a plastic surgeon’s quest to avenge the rape of his daughter but also his relationship with the woman he’s imprisoned in his basement.  Almodóvar has described this as his harshest film yet and something of a departure from his usual fare, I for one certainly can’t wait to hear more from Cannes!


Well hello there, welcome to my probably sporadic and essentially experimental film blog! The idea of this really is just that I watch too many films so I thought I thought I’d write about them mostly as a way of getting my own thoughts in order, possibly aided by the kindness of strangers. I should point out I’m just someone that’s seen a lot of movies, I’ve never taken any film courses and as you’ll see I’m clearly not an expert and have almost no knowledge of the proper technical terminology, so please be kind future trolls for I seek only to learn. Also, in the interests of full disclosure I ought to say that if I review a DVD/Blu ray etc it will be something I have purchased myself, if I should happen to receive something in any other way I will of course say so! Obviously this blog is just a hobby and I’m harbouring no pretensions that I’ve magically become a official critic or anything like that, but I hope some people may come to find my humble ramblings interesting, or even in time diverting.

Until that day, enjoy the trailer for this hilarious film from 1938